“Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle”
— Louis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


Through photography and travel, A Looking Glass Project promotes a sense of onus as students become cultural assets in their community and global leaders.


Our Mission

Using photography as a medium and anthropology as the lens, A Looking Glass Project will foster creativity, resourcefulness, self expression, responsibility, citizenship and philanthropy. 


About The Looking Glass Project

Officially established on July 17, 2016, A Looking Glass Project [ALGP] was developed by a local female photographer with a passion for travel and desire to give underrepresented youth in Baltimore a chance to experience the world outside of their city.

ALGP will not only focus on travel alone but it will also help positively illuminate the City of Baltimore. Using their cameras, students will showcase their work via platforms like Instagram, VSCO, Exhibits and postcards for other cities around the world to view. 

With the support of local businesses, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, and Howard County Public School Educators, ALGP began to develop strategies and curriculum to engage, educate, and inspire. With a charter class of 6 students, ALGP will foster art expression, self reliance, financial responsibility, foreign language, humanitarian and career studies.

Continuing in 2018, A Looking Glass Project will grow to include several domestic trips, local international art festival, cuisine discovery, the students getting their passports and an international trip.

Thank you for stopping by and your interest in A Looking Glass Project. We look forward to sharing our journey! 


  • Raise money to cover/reduce the cost of travel expenses and equipment
  • Quarterly domestic trips to areas that contrast Baltimore
  • Annual international trips to study the culture of other countries
  • International Cuisine Festival visits to sample food from other cultures
  • Participate in exhibits that showcases the beauty in Baltimore
  • Develop classes to help students learn skills in relation to photography, photojournalism, anthropology and international studies.
  • Develop an art scholarship/fund to help students pay for college/university