When we asked, the most common factor limiting minority students from traveling abroad is lack of funding. Through your donations we can network and partnering with businesses we can help to remove or drastically cut the cost of equipment and travel. 


PayPal and/or Donate a camera! 


100% of the donations will be used directly for A Looking Glass Project programs, education, equipment, and towards both domestic and international trips. We deeply appreciate your contribution. If you would like to discuss your donation in greater detail, please feel free to email via the link provided ( . 




A Looking Glass Project (ALGP) is a program dedicated to assisting minority high school students expand their world view and express themselves through the lens of a camera. 

We are working with local businesses, community leaders, artists and educators to empower, encourage, enable, and inspire underrepresented youth in Baltimore through travel photography. ALGP will create opportunities for students to gain experience, broaden their horizons, in addition to learning  independence, financial responsibility, and challenge their world views.



Having experience studying abroad can stand out on college applications; especially with universities looking for diverse and culturally aware students.

The US has been falling behind in all areas of cultural immersion, awareness and studies. According to recent data America plays host to 58% of international students, while only 38% of American students study abroad.  Even with the slight increase of abroad studies, MINORITY students are still greatly underrepresented! The majority of those students traveling abroad are studying STEM, Business, and Science while only 7% of them are studying Fine ArtsLanguage & International Studies! That's something that ALGP hopes to help change.  


Through  A Looking Glass Project (Did you catch that reference?) students will express their 'views' via photography. Giving us a vista view of the world as they see it. Through their lenses. Students will share their experience through social media with apps such as Instagram using the hashtag #allusinwanderland as well as through the lost art of "postcards" created themselves. Each student will be involved in interactive, inspiring, engaging, and educational activities that will teach them cultural awareness, language, arts (photography, dance, music, etc.) independence, financial responsibility and even the life of an international foodie! An experience that one can only get through travel!