'A Looking Glass Project' (ALGP) Debut Class is here! Backed by artists, educators, soldiers, people of all backgrounds and local small businesses we were able to turn this idea from a dream into a reality. We are excited to begin the process of creating art and turning our students into global citizens (and leaders). 

So what exactly is A Looking Glass Project? ALGP is a program that gives high school and first year college/university students an outlet to express themselves via photography while connecting them to resources that can help them become productive world citizens. If you would like to learn more about the program you can check out our home page. 

The ALGP is currently a year long program that requires a commitment by the students within each "class".  Students will be creating art of their own in addition to participating in different areas of art expression that include music, dance, cooking, poetry and painting. The goal of this program is also to educate the students on the many different cultures around the world.  *The current class has already been selected for the 2017 cycle. If you or someone you know would like to Join A Looking Glass Project, we encourage them to fill out the application and reach out to us at to be placed on a waiting list for the next cycle. 

If you haven't noticed by now the underlying theme of this program is "Adventures of Alice in Wonderland" & "Through The Looking Glass". Many of our photo projects will be using model theme along with other fun movie and book inspired themes (follow the hashtag #allusinwanderland). The projects won't only be about the students. Some of them will be interactive and require "audience" participation. 

As with any program in its infancy, we rely on donations and fundraisers to help us reach our goals. We also accept camera donation! 

Thank you for your interest in our program and come back to check us out to see where in Wanderland we are.