Mic Check One, two...

...One, two.

Is this thing on?

YES IT IS! Our first Open Mic Night was successful! We've had a week or so to come down off of our excitement high to reflect on the event we put together. Being a part of the ALGP program is about learning to work as a team, budgeting for travel and events, and time management. All of this was necessary to pull off one of the funnest group projects we've had so far. Song birds, spoken wordsmiths, dance contests and lively acts made this a moment for us to remember.  The night wrapped with a powerful spoken word performance by our "special guest", Kondwani Fidel. His words reached deep into the crowd of all walks of life who came out to support us. Tempo, voice inflections, and razor sharp words make his a performance you must witness for yourself. You can purchase his book "Raw Wounds"  online or it can be found in bookstores around the city like, Dovecote Cafe in Baltimore. 

Check out some of the highlights from the first "Open Mic Night" and don't miss the next one!


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